Wednesday, 22 February 2012

SoLaRiS - While My Guitar Gently Drifts (2012)

'While My Guitar Gently Drifts', is a two track, Instrumental, Electronica Ambient album.

In my opinion this Album is a "Two for One" with One Song being a Ambient-Electro Guitar Fusion and the Other being-More Dominantly Guitar with a Techno Foundation.

Listen for Tranquil, Moderately Slow almost Liquid in Smoothness Electronica with Guitar Driving the Melody instead of Synthesizer but as these are Technologically Oriented Works--expect Synth to literally Play a Strong Supporting Role.

Track #2. 'Lost Horizon', is Paradoxical. Synth starts with a Spacey, Metallic, Futuristic Voice and Lyrically Sustained Harmonies-then Guitar Steps in! A Clean, Precise Melody is plucked with deft skill and gives the Listener a Glimpse of the Power of Electric Guitar in a Techno Setting.

Track #1. 'While My Guitar Gently Drifts', Features more of a Fusion Sound of Synth Woodwind, Synth Replicated String Bass and Electric Guitar equally sharing a Melody and Harmony until the Tracks Final Stage. Electric Guitar does not Take Over as much as it simply Envelopes the Listener in a Soft Sphere of Ethereally Floating Sound.

Overall, Superbly Original and Tastefully Refined Songs.

Songs/Track Listing

1, While My Guitar Gently Drifts
2, Lost Horizon

Line Up/ Musicians

SoLaRiS - Electric Guitar ,Electronic Loop Manipulations

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