Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jade Warrior - Last Autumns Dream (1972)

Final album for Vertigo, and the best one, in my book. I never really thought the early JADE WARRIOR for Vertigo as a prog rock band. More like a varied rock band that included hard rock, jazz, folk, and ethnic influences. There are actually quite a few straightforward songs that I don't really feel comfortable call prog. There are some more adventurous numbers as well. I don't really call myself a big JADE WARRIOR fan, and I don't feel the need to have every album they did, but this is actually a quite decent album. JADE WARRIOR Last Autumn's Dream music reviews and MP3 ( Review from

The third work released in 1972 "Last Autumn's Dream". Work impressive strange jacket. The sound is near the first work exotic. Acoustic music is a peculiar, clean feeling, and overflows in an exactly spiritual mood. It is a good album of which atmosphere consists well very much.Four stars. Excellent addition to any prog music collection. JADE WARRIOR Last Autumn's Dream music review by braindamage ( Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. A Winter's tale (5:11)
2. Snake (3:02)
3. Dark river (6:33)
4. Joanne (2:53)
5. Obediance (3:19)
6. Morning hymn (3:36)
7. May queen (5:22)
8. The demon trucker (2:34)
9. Lady of the lake (3:17)
10. Borne on to the solar wind (3:02)

Total Time: 37:51
Line-up / Musicians - Tony Duhig / electric guitar
- Jon Field / alto & concert flutes, congas, percussion
- Glyn Havard / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
- Allan Price / drums
- David Duhig / lead guitar (

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