Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Baby Guru - Baby Guru (2011 )

Baby Guru is an ever evolving musical organism consisting of the unpredictable trio of: Obi Serotone, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche. Their homemade debut album, which was recorded at King Elephant’s basement, is entirely produced, arranged and mixed by Baby Guru and is released in vinyl and cd from Inner Ear. Walking in the footsteps of Can, Baby Guru record long improvisational jams, without any rehearsals, following their instincts and the unexpected inspiration and unlocking their subconscious. Later on they would isolate the best parts and end up with a final result, using editing techniques. Looking for the influences of “Baby Guru”, one comes across psychedelic music, the band’s love for samplers, African percussion, electronic methods (looping, splicing, editing) but also kraut pop. It’s worth mentioning that they used no guitars at all during the recordings of the album.

Marilu wears flowers on her forehead, puts on a hippie dress and starts dancing in the fields, defying the warnings of Baby Guru. An old 60's commercial gets married with a minimal African beat while in the background a freak hits the old piano with a violin stick. The ghosts of Silver Apples and early Kraftwerk (dressed up in punkish outfits) make their appearance. A sampler comes from the sky and Baby Guru couldn't help following it. Kraut grooves are transformed into a multi-faceted monster with broken saxophones, disorientating samples and electronica-obsessed bass lines until the whole thing explodes into a punk'n'bass roller coaster. “Inner Space” keeps building and building until Baby Guru find themselves in a state of ecstasy, driving Hank Moody's car across a shore in California and an old Rolling Stones song is playing on the radio. 80's post-punk grooves, with an electro-pop flavour, get interrupted by dreamy, mellow soundscapes. Around 3 a.m. in the morning, on the verge of exhaustion they say goodbye…let all the bright light wash all over the dark corridors of your mind baby…Baby Guru | Baby Guru | CD Baby

Baby Guru: Baby Guru
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